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Sustainable Home Decor Ideas: 7 Small steps towards a significant change - IKIRU

Sustainable Home Decor Ideas: 7 Small steps towards a significant change

In this world where we have already done a lot of damage to the environment, it's time for us to reduce our carbon footprint and make this world a better place to live in. Every change begins at home, and therefore we are suggesting a few ways to make your home more sustainably conscious and happy.

These 7 sustainable home decor ideas will make your home look stunning and calming, and they also it will help you leave fewer carbon footprints.

Let's make the environment Sustain longer and your home aesthetic with these beautiful decor ideas.

  • Add organic/ natural materials.

Add Natural materials, make a few replacements, and add a few new materials to your home and you are all set. Every corner of your home needs this arrangement. Add glass, ceramic, and wood to your kitchen and ditch the plastic. Replace the synthetic fabric with cotton and linen.

We understand that this may cost you more than other synthetic materials, but it will last longer, and you are not required to buy the same thing anytime soon.

Here are a few natural elements that you can add to your home and make it more friendly for the environment:

  • Natural Rattan/Bamboo
  • Clay
  • Wood
  • Natural Stone
  • Glass
  • Ceramic
  • Cotton and Linen

Sustainable home decor

  • Switch to handmade from machine-made

Handmade, handcrafted is the new beauty you must add to your home. We understand that human involvement in any process will also bring human errors. But you will contribute a lot to nature if you make handcrafted things a part of your home. When you shop locally, you support someone's livelihood, and also you don't contribute to the factory pollution as well.

Local artisans work really hard to design one piece of art, and each piece sold inspires them to create more.

Handmade material
  • Do It Yourself

DIYs are trending, and it would be best if you tried this in your home. Try to figure out what new you can create from the old things that are no longer of your use. You can redesign old furniture with some pretty painting on it. You can always learn a few DIY techniques from the internet.

DIY HACK: find upcycled products of low cost or free and turn them into your beautiful original pieces.

DIY home decor

  • Add plants. That is a must.

What can be more nature friendly than nature itself? Yes, we are talking about adding original plants to your indoors. There are numerous benefits of having plants in your home; they make the vibe upbeat, bring new energy, and help you increase your productivity.

You can get creative with planters for your new members. Try to convert old bowls, coffee mugs, or pans into planters.

Confused with what plants can be best suited for your indoors??

Don't worry; here is a list of 5 indoor plants to start with:

  1. Swiss cheese plant

  2. Mother in law's tongue

  3. Mass Can

  4. Peace lily

  5. Jade plant

    Plant in home

  • Non-toxic paints

Sustainable home decor is about materials and things you buy and how you maintain your home in a more eco-friendly way. So as a beginner towards sustainability, it starts with non-toxic paint. You can also opt for low Volatile organic compounds or zero VOC, but we suggest non-toxic is the best.

Sustainable home decor

  • Soy Candles

Candles add beauty and elegance to the space and light up the room. Soy candles last longer than conventional candles and emit way fewer toxins. To keep it non-toxic and eco-friendly, opt for high-quality soy candles that last longer.

Sustainable material for decor

  • Make it plastic-free

Yes, Make your home plastic-free. Switch plastic decor items with wood, bamboo, or clay. Replace the plastic kitchen containers and boxes with tin, wooden, and stainless steel. Use wooden box sets, tin basket sets, rattan baskets, and more such smart storage solutions.

If you still use plastic bags, Make a quick shift to reusable cotton, jute, or paper bags. Plastic is the biggest enemy of our environment, and therefore it is vital to make a shift as soon as possible.

Home decor is a very calming and fulfilling thing, and when you know while making your home beautiful, you are contributing to nature as well, it gives you extra pleasure.

Sustainable home decor is aesthetically pleasing and needs of the hour. As you made it to the end, we appreciate how much you care for nature and the globe, and your consciousness deserves an applaud.

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