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5 Smart and minimalist storage solution for every home.

When some people are overwhelmed or stressed out, they may opt for yoga, mindfulness, or even a massage, but for others, dusting the shelves, cleaning down the kitchen, or even rearranging the closet can be just as valuable for their mental health as using a mindfulness app. In fact, for some people, even after a stressful day, the appearance of a clean and orderly home can help them relax and de-stress.

A clutter-free space is all you need to have a fresh start and a peaceful end to your day. Therefore, we are here to help you with our best and most beautiful decor organizers that make organizing feel like a breeze. Investing in clever yet decorative storage solutions is essential for a seamless and minimalist interior.

We claim to be the curators of the most amazing theme-based interior decor collection, and today we have curated some par excellence storage solutions for you; here, have a look.

1. Mi Casa Multi Purpose Basket - Set of 4



Multipurpose basket


This Product is one of our favorites when we talk about aesthetic and excellent storage solutions. This robust basket set is made of superior metal and can support big loads of veggies, condiments, and other items. These baskets also have little handles that make moving and using them a breeze.

Material: High-quality metal
Color: Grey and White

Creative usage:

  • Use them as tabletop storage for keeping the veggies and fruits.
  • Place them inside drawers and cabinets to keep things organized.
  • You can arrange them on a shelf and put them on display.


2.  Rattan Ornate Multi-Purpose Basket



Rattan Multipurpose basket


What else can be better than a storage Item that is also sustainable, durable, aesthetic, and gives your home a fantastic Japandi vibe? Our bestseller product is a treasured addition to your home. The local artisans of Odisha handcraft this with natural rattan. Keep it clutter-free without a Multipurpose rattan basket.

Material: Rattan
Color: Natural Rattan

Creative usage: 

  • This rattan basket keeps your sheets and linen nicely organized in your closet.
  • Keep it on the balcony or any open space to complement the planters.
  • Simply put in any corner of your home to store clothes, books, office and art supplies, or anything you need.

Uncluttered TIP: Make cleaning fun with setting a time and checking how much work you can do in a short span.


3. Gemmy Wall Rack Shelf



Modern Wooden Shelf


A fantastic combination of wood and metal is used to make this extravagant wall shelf to add a soothing earthy hue to your home with functionality. This modern wall shelf design is a beautiful and minimal storage solution for your home. Show off your accent items or organize your belongings. Combine it with different decor items to enhance the experience.

Material: Metal
Color: Natural wood

Creative usage:  

  • Use this as a bookkeeper and pair it with minimal bookends.
  • Place it outdoor and keep small planters on it.
  • You can use this shelf for storing keys and other small items. 

4. Paolo Bedside table



Bedside table


It's a multi-functional addition which can be used to hold a reading lamp, as well as potted plants, a pitcher of water or a glass for your random thirst, and any other nighttime necessities. A bedside table with a drawer is ideal for storing all of your essentials. This paolo Bedside table can be an exquisite addition to your bedroom. It's a fantastic example of contemporary craft expressing modern simplicity.

Materia: Wood
Color: Natural wood

Creative Usage:

  • You can use it in your workspace for storing the work essentials and documents.
  • Place it near your living room sofa and put some book or decor objects on it.
  • This bedtable is a multi-functional bedside table.

Uncluttered TIP: Cleaning helps you uplift your mood, and ease your stress, so wear your gloves, grab your tools and start the mission of cleaning whenever you need it.


5. Wooden box set of 3

wooden box set of 3

These solid wood mementos are ideal for storing your trinkets and prized items. This wooden box set, covered in exquisite tribal motifs and skillfully created by Indian craftsmen, is one of a kind. This wood box is multi-functional and looks very classy in every space of your home.
Material: Solid wood
Color: Natural wood

Creative usage:

  • Excellent choice for keeping your delicate jewelry
  • You can control it next to your bedside for keeping medicine and other vital things.

Even if you have a small space that should not stop you from storing all your favorite items. Ikiru's smart selection of storage and organizers is always a great help to create an aesthetic storage solution of your compact space.

So keep collecting, keep storing, we are here for you.

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