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Modern Day 3s- The Concrete! - IKIRU

Modern Day 3s- The Concrete!

Developing, evolving and reorganizing have been the baseline for every product that we’ve curated at Ikiru so far. But keeping in mind how our audience has committed to sticking around all things eco friendly, we decided to dig deeper and find like-minded brands who are on a mission to merge art with decor.

If you are a nature friendly person and care about what you’re putting into the earth, then plastics are out of the picture. Having said that, patterns show that earthy colours and pastels have made a comeback and we have a feeling that they’re here to stay. But what entices us the most is how certain brands such as NESTROOTS and ELITE EARTH have very innovatively culminated a line of elegant dream house decor. Be it Pinterest worthy ottomans for your living room or wooden kitchen utensils, nestroots will make you stop and think how your home is missing such a fine piece of decor.

Not just wood and wire, we looked around and found a new raw material that is very quickly making a place for itself in the sustainable decor sector. We’re here to talk about something that can be defined with our version of the 3 S- Strong, sustainable, simple.

Did you know that in the year 2020, our decor industry started dissecting and disintegrating the preconceived notions of how long-lasting materials like cement and portable decor pieces made from plastics could not be merged? And that is how the ‘cement trend’ was born. Yes, we are talking about the star material, ‘concrete’.

However, studies show that in comparison to biodegradable natural materials like wood and clay which dissolve back into the environment the way they were extracted, concrete is not the most feasible option out there. While the generations before us had eliminated concrete as a part of their home decor on account of its unhandy nature and calling out ‘its permanence’ as a hassle to portability, our newest brand member has something else to say.

Elite earth believes that concrete with its texture and characteristics can result in one of a kind decor items. Hear us out, demarcating decor rules that were said to be set in stone, elite earth is on a mission to add concrete products to our homes with utmost grace and functionality. Be it their textured washbasins to concrete desk organizers, they have covered every possible item in our household and given it a concrete edge. 

We believe that our earth day article inspired you enough to replace your plastic flowers with real plants, so we suggest you take a look at our newest range of concrete planters and see what fits your style. If you can’t find any, drop us a message of what you're looking for and we promise to play secret Santa all year long.

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