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Celebrating the EARTH this Earth Day! - IKIRU

Celebrating the EARTH this Earth Day!

This blog post is NOT for you if you believe:

  1. That sustainability is a modern concept. 
  2. If plastic flowers are a part of your home decor. 
  3. If you have a plastic toothbrush. 

If there's anything that I have analyzed about my lifestyle over the past two years is that I start and end my day with the blue light. Waking up every day and going to work (or in our case, sitting down for work) can get monotonous after a certain point, especially when all we do is stare at the laptop screen for multiple hours. (Starting a petition to include computer glasses as a fixed component in our salaries) 

And between the two of us, the closest we go to nature is on Instagram. So before we dive into why you should make changes in your lifestyle for a better living, (make a note: we are not moral policing here), you should know that we know how difficult it is to bring ourselves to just sit near the plants and gaze at the sunsets. Ikiru is taking the initiative to bring home ‘nature’, to you via its earthy home decor segment knowing you wouldn’t. Ikiru knows that the plants in your pots are made of plastic and that you have not felt the grass under your feet in ages. So we have taken it upon ourselves to make your life an easy one. 

Scientists say that the colour we stare at the most in our waking hours sets a tone for our mood for the rest of the day. It is also proven that pastel and earthy colours bring in a whole lot of positivity. But we know how expensive it is to remodel your entire house so we have decided to start small. 

NEWS FLASH- Not everything Earthy is sustainable. And not every sustainable living product is a healthy one for the soul. So we’ve curated a bunch of home decor items that will make a great addition to your already pleasing home. 

Be it a wooden chopping board replacing your plastic one or your toothbrush having a wooden handle, it all starts with a simple choice. You see, history has it that the first Earth Day was celebrated because a senator believed that it is important to talk about issues that involve the earth because apparently, it is the only vehicle we cannot get off. What I am trying to say is that you don’t need to start a revolution or become an environmental activist to bring about a change. 

Here are 5 things that you can incorporate that might not dramatically change the environment but it’ll definitely have a dramatic impact on your lifestyle.

Keep an air-purifying plant in your space.

This is a highly spoken about, but extremely underrated part of an earthy lifestyle. Being close to nature is a luxury most people cannot afford but co-existing with nature is a gift that you need to give yourself. Studies show that keeping an air-purifying plant boosts positivity by 30% along with making an aesthetic addition to your earthy living.

Replacing metallic decorative items with natural rock crystals.

In Feng Shui, earthy elements are observed as a potential source of happiness and peace in the home. This is highly common yet unique because you can choose the natural crystals as per your sun sign, Vastu and the energy that you want to welcome.

Keeping a Himalayan salt lamp instead of your regular lamps.

Since it isn’t as easy to access sunlight all day as it is to sit under tube lights. So how about you invite positivity while basking in healing energies that are not only good for your eyes, but also earthy enough to light up your space.

Clay figurines

I remember while growing up, every year during Durga puja my grandfather used to buy me kitchen utensils made of clay. And I used to cry a lot whenever they broke, but unlike the steel utensils that were of no use when they broke, my clay ones were easily recycled. We might not use clay kitchen utensils for our day to day cooking, but replacing the metallic decor with clay figurines is an easy way to up your earthy home decor game.

Use Jute rugs

The first step you take after waking up sends signals to the brain which sets the tone of your mood for the morning. Having the right mat that not only is good for the feet but also for the brain is important. It is an additional advantage that it is also soothing to the eyes and keeps you close to the woods.

Psst. The earth called, it wants you to replace your plastic plants with real ones. And don’t forget your toothbrush. 

This Earth Day, celebrate not only the day but also the Earth.

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