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4 wooden pieces to help you cook a storm in your kitchen - IKIRU

4 wooden pieces to help you cook a storm in your kitchen

Tools are the most essential part of any kitchen, one can be a master of cooking but without the tools, it is just not easy to even think about cooking. The tools are your helping hand to make the process quick and easy. While appreciating your helping hands why not prepare a quick list of those and make you reach out to the products more easily.

No matter what cuisine you're cooking, there are just a few things that count in the kitchen. Though they're assisting you in improving and presenting the food. Of course, the process becomes faster, allowing you to complete the entire cooking process without difficulty. With the right set of equipments, you can make the least amount of mess and keep your workspace organised and clean.

Let ikiru tell you about these wooden kitchen equipments and if you like any you can always go and shop from

A storm of mess is assured if you don’t use chopping boards. A wooden cutting board is a go-to tool to start when cooking. It's the most important and basic aspect of the kitchen, and without it, a cluttered workstation is a sure thing. The robust wooden chopping board serves as a good cutting and chopping surface for vegetables and fruits. Dicing becomes a lot easier as a result of it.

A wooden chopping board with a beautiful oil finish would surely add to your kitchen aesthetics and make the ambiance look more minimal.

Wooden Chopping board

Would you even call a kitchen an Indian kitchen without a masala box? No right. Masala boxes are one of the most important and necessary tool of an Indian kitchen. Ikiru presents you the most beautiful and sturdy collection of Masala boxes. It is the most useful and aesthetic addition to your kitchen. These masala boxes are made of wood and keeps all your spice fresh for a longer duration. These boxes are well comparted and decent sized to make your daily use easier. Store spices in style with our beautiful boxes.

Wooden Masala box

Now that your roti (bread) is ready keep them warm and soft in our beautiful and sturdy wooden roti boxes. This roti box is made of solid wood and looks very pretty on your serving table. The Mahogany Collection offers a gracefully constructed Roti Box for serving Rotis in an enticing manner. Combine it with your other Mahogany pieces for a unique dining experience. 

Roti box

The most overlooked piece in our kitchen is the cutlery holder, but a beautiful piece of cutlery holder can amp up the look of your kitchen station. As people have started making their move towards sustainability hence the option of wooden cutlery holder can be a big help to take a step forward.
Ikiru presents you a wide range of wooden cutlery and cutlery holder with different size option to choose as per your needs. Cutlery holder help you organize your kitchen better and are very convenient and easy to use, also it adds to the kitchen aesthetics.

Wooden cutlery holder

These are the 4 wooden essential for the Indian kitchen. Shop all what you like from our wide range of wooden kitchenware. And take one more step ahead towards sustainability.

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