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Grab amazing discounts on orders above Rs 2999 + Free Shipping on EVERYTHING 🎄
6 spring/summer interior trends 2022' - IKIRU

6 spring/summer interior trends 2022'

Spring is finally here, and we're already getting excited about the upcoming summer but don't you think it's time you update your home? The first sign of summer is just around the corner, and you want to be ready for it. The first thing you should do is get your house ready for spring and summer. As the temperatures begin to rise, the days get longer, and work becomes less stressful, it's the perfect time to make some changes around the house.

While so many trends pop up on your feed on Instagram and Pinterest, you must have already made up your mind about revamping your home. So take a look at Ikiru's take on these amazing 10 summer interior decor trends 2022, and select what fits best in your home.

Let's get started!

  • Green, some more green!

Spring's pastel, soft colours will still be expected to be a trend for summer 2022. But by the height of summer, as the heat arrives and the sun starts beating down hard again, attention may turn to more earth tones: yellows, browns, and natural greens you can find in nature. No lilac or baby pink allowed this time, though; we're talking bolder colours like jungle green! So don't rush up and replace your sofa cushions too soon!

Dark, bright, mossy, and pine greens are all expected to be big this year. Because we spend so much more time outside throughout the summer, the practice of bringing the outside in becomes even more widespread. So, get some plants to go with this jungle green vibe. The green goes well with the spring colours and gives your home a nice, vibrant look.

  • Self-care spaces

What a revolution self-care has become. It can potentially change our entire interior plan, and We agree that self-care has been very important to keep your mind and body healthy after the pandemic.

For spring/summer 2022,' self-spaces,' or places dedicated to self-care, will be the key driver in home renovation. Self-care is basically a space dedicated to your hobbies, passions, or things that keep you sane in tough times, like reading a book. 

The self-care revolution has changed our bathroom too. It is now called a "spathroom" or a spa-inspired bathroom. Minimalist design, low lighting, luxury bathtubs, and high-performance showers are essential for creating a luxurious spa-inspired bathroom. Neutral colours, clean lines, and natural materials are also key in the home spa style, which focuses significantly on mood."


  • Gardens renovation

As always, this year also, gardens will remain our first love. You will continue to see people decorating their garden with the same enthusiasm and care. 

In summer 2022, people will prefer to work from gardens and, therefore, will see a major upgrade in the garden seating arrangements. More comfortable chairs or sofas, with mini coffee tables and beautiful lighting, will be a major part of summer decor trends this year.

Due to the growing popularity of outdoor cinema and the availability of outdoor heading systems, people are bringing the same interest in decorating their houses to the design of their gardens, with the emergence of softer outdoor-use furnishings, lighting, accessories, and even fire pits.

  • Shiny as metal summer

Let your summer home shine as bright as the metal in the sunlight. Who doesn't enjoy a little glitz and shine every now and then? Warm metallics such as bronze, copper, brass, gold, and rose gold are popular in this summer's interior design trends. Use your imagination when it comes to metallic touches. Consider candleholders, wall frames, lamps, ornate bowls, and plant pots — let your creativity run wild! 

Feel free to mix and match different tones while using these metallic summer home design ideas. For example, if your kitchen already has stainless steel equipment, try pairing that cool-toned silver with a warmer bronze colour for your dishes, flatware, sink hardware, wine rack, or cabinet doorknobs.

  • Vintage yet classy

Vintage aesthetics may appear to be a throwback, but that well-worn aesthetic never goes out of style. In the summer home decor for 2022, the comfortable, worn-in designs of shabby chic interiors are reappearing. You'll want to make new furniture look like antiques to keep up with this summer's interior design trend. 

Wooden tables and chairs with faded paint finishes can add a rustic, comfy vibe to your house, whether you buy them or DIY them. In particular, distressed paint finishes in whites and pastels are popular and pleasantly cheerful.

Plants and earthy coloured couch cushions and rugs in olive green or mauve colours can help to complete the shabby chic look. Combine what's sparkling and new with what's well-worn by combining this style with metallic summer interior design trends — dazzling gold hardware and shabby chic cabinetry create a fantastic combo.


  • On display storage

On display storage is one thing that is going to be highly trending in 2022; on display storage is all about exhibiting your items in an intentional way than just stripping your home of everyday needs.

The personal and professional lives will mix even more this year; people are surely going to find more ways to store and organize their stuff in a more decluttered way. They are going to use less space to fit more stuff in it. Multiple usages of one item will also be the next big thing, the coffee table will also serve as a workstation, and the bedside table can be your new file storage. An on-display plate rack or a shoe rack is the perfect example of this crazy summer trend 2022.


  • PAWfect interiors

This year, when we redecorate, we'll take our pets in mind and no we are not talking about pet proofing the home while decorating it. PAWfect interio, aims to create luxury spaces for our pets that blend in seamlessly with the design choices we make for ourselves.

As we've spent more time at home over the last two years, our love and admiration for our pets has only grown. So much so that it's begin to influence our interior design decisions.

A perfect home and storage for your closest friend is going to be the most followed trend for this year. Go for the pet prints and cozier vibe for your buddy’s corner.

  • Let’s talk curves

Curved furniture and decor items are visually appealing and can provide a fun element to a room. Wavy lines and curvy curves are currently one of the most popular interior design trends. This design style is associated with comfort and unconventionality, which is highly needed in summer times.

This strong style may be incorporated into homes in various ways, including furniture and other home decor elements. One effective option is to get a curved sofa; you can also get curvaceous mirrors, carpets, and tabletop items like as candlesticks and flowers in the market and online. These objects aren't as large as furniture, but they can assist you in incorporating the sleek, squiggly décor into your home.

In the end, both spring and summer 2022 are about maintaining a sense of serenity. Calm hues, shapes, and textures, as well as maintain your own calm. The trends all revolve around reducing stress and focusing on the things that are important in life. And as we approach the spring and summer of 2022, it's easy to see why these things are so essential to many of us. Ikiru has also launched its Spring Fling decor collection to make your home renovation process more fun and less stressful.


Happy Summers!

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