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8 home decor themes defined! - IKIRU

8 home decor themes defined!

Home decor is a crucial part of our lives now. It has become very popular than ever for our generation. While planning to revamp your home, you must have gone through many new home decor themes such as Rustic, Bohemian, Coastal, Vintage, Scandinavian, and many uncountable names, which may have created a confusion for you. 


Toshi bench featured in 8 home decor themes defined


Now you want to revamp your home, but you have so much on your plate that it is very difficult for you to decide which theme you want for your home. Do not worry; India's first theme-based home decor store is here to help you understand the themes better. The eight most popular home decor themes have been defined. Browse through this article for inspiration.


  • Bohemian Theme Home Decor

The bohemian theme is characterized by a lack of organization, favoring carefree layers of pattern, texture, and color instead. While some common behaviors are associated with the bohemian appearance, unlike the modern or minimalist looks, there are no hard and fast laws. 

Personality and relaxation are at the heart of the bohemian style. Boho styles aren't designed for anyone else's pleasure but your own.


Characteristics of Bohemian decor: 


  1. Relaxed, Carefree, and there is only one rule that there is no rule.

  2. There is no particular shape; you can select a pattern of your choice

  3. Colors range from neutral to a mix of jewel tones.

  4. Metallic fixture finishes include gold, silver, brass, iron, and chrome.

  5. Natural materials like rattan, wood, plush, cotton are used for a boho-chic vibe.

  6. Flea market find, DIYs, handmade art pieces are the primary decor source.
Bohemian theme home decor

Special Attention: 


Boho is all about expressing yourself, making your home all about you and your personality. Keep it welcoming, minimal, and personal.








  • Rustic Theme Home Decor


The rustic theme is a perfect theme for a sage stuck in city life and missing the old traditional country life. Rustic interiors are characterized by roughness and a willingness to let natural beauty shine. 

The emphasis is on using wood, stone, leaves, and other organic components to create a peaceful ambiance. Rustic allows the spirit of each piece to shine through rather than worrying about flawless lines. This style hugely emphasizes character, from knots in the wood to rust on metal.



Rustic theme home decor

Characteristics of Rustic decor:


  1. A perfect welcoming atmosphere with some imperfect elements is rustic.

  2. Colors range from wood brown beige, to warmer shades of white.

  3. Rustic shapes are rugged, silhouettes, and have uneven lines.

  4. Iron, brass, and copper fixture finishes.

  5. Imperfect yet warm aesthetics.

  6. Animal fur, throw, pillow, rugs, cushions, motifs, and patterns.




  • Coastal Theme Home Decor


Coastal is all about bringing home the beach vibe. A cottage-style home with some seaside elements and colors is crucial for this theme. Adding the hues of sun, sand, and sea to your space and making it look more natural and beachy is what coastal is all about.

Coastal theme is all about creating the soothing ambiance of the seaside right inside your home without bringing in the mess of the sand. This style emphasizes the peace and harmony of the sea.


Coastal theme home decorCharacteristics of Coastal decor:


  1. A perfectly peaceful and soothing ambiance with a hint of minimalism.

  2. Relaxing aesthetics with neutral tones and splash of colors. White, off-white, sea green, blue, coral, grays, tans, and beige.

  3. Main Focus on clean lines, layers, and minimal approach.

  4. Copper, brass, chrome, bronze, brushed nickels finishes.

  5. Delicate fabric. Rugs, shells, and glass and some of the main components.

  6. Relaxing aesthetics with neutral tones and splash of colors



  • Moroccan Theme Home Decor


Bring home a warm and elegant vibe with the beautiful and mysterious elements of the Moroccan home decor theme. Moroccan style of living is very lavish and beautiful. This opulent, dramatic, and thrilling style is popular in modern homes, with brilliant hues and finely created wood and mosaic objects.

A Moroccan theme is a blend of many neighboring countries like France, Portugal, Spain, and Africa, along with a strong influence of African, Persian, Islamic, and Mediterranean styles.


Moroccan theme home decorCharacteristics of Moroccan decor:

  1. Beautiful tiles featured arches and geometric designs. 

  2. Multiple seating arrangements like sofa, ottomans, poufs, and hand-carved tables.

  3. Velvet and silk fabrics with beautiful textures and busy patterns.

  4. Filling the home with different scents of candles, incense, and spices.

  5. Different shades of blue, red, and whites with beige and gray.

  6. Lights, mirrors, and plants add the perfect Moroccan touch to your space.



  • Indian Theme Home Decor


Indian home decor is very lavish and historical; it is full of traditions, rich furniture, vibrant colors, beautiful prints, and cultural aesthetics. India is a beautiful country, and there are multiple beautiful cultures which highlighted in different home decors.

South India has a culture of beautiful sculptures. North India follows the modern theme. Some people across India still find the village life amusing and follow it in the city.


Indian theme home decorCharacteristics of Indian decor:


  1. Vibrant color palettes, preferably red, brown, blue, green, yellow, and hues of whites.

  2. Solid and lavish wood furniture with beautiful carving and patterns.

  3. Handwoven fabric like woolen, cotton, and silk.

  4. Beautiful tilework made of granite and marble.

  5. Grand wall decor with elegant wooden frames, Hindu lord ideals, and frames.







  • Earthy Theme Home Decor


We’ve been asking you to bring your home the other themes but, this one demands your home to come closer to nature. Earthy theme sets a whole vibrant range of colors chosen by mother nature herself, which are enough to astonish the art lover inside you.

The earthy theme goes great for everyone and fits well every day. The fresh look is the USP and we can’t agree anymore!!


    Earthy home decor themeCharacteristics of Earthy decor:


    1. The independence of picking your favorite shades from nature’s pallet remains unmatched, undisputedly.

    2. Your regular leather sofa or couch is already a part of the them.

    3. It connects your root directly with nature and keeps the environment light.

    4. A total game-changer for those who love to experiment with lights and decor.

    5. Different vases in various shapes n colors are always welcome.



    • Japandi Theme Home Decor


    As the name suggests, this theme is coming from the land of the rising sun, Japan. Japandi theme is all about keeping it very minimal, clean, and effective. Their color pallets might seem a little muted but that’s the beauty of the whole concept, their preference towards bringing the natural lights in makes the muted pallet speak a million colors.

    Japandi theme is inclined towards nature, which makes it even more earthy and soothing.



      Japandi theme home decorCharacteristics of Japandi decor:


      1. Pieces of Furniture with small heights for low-level seating.

      2. Cushions on the place of sofas and recliners for seating purposes.

      3. Small indoor plants in beautiful vases.

      4. Big-sized windows for more natural light in the rooms.

      5. Slider doors in place of push & push style.






      • Modern Theme Home Decor


      Our research says that almost everyone on the internet has misquoted the term “modern theme” in home decor. Most of them consider this as contemporary, while the others have labeled it futuristic. Yes, a modern theme tells an advanced story but that advocates eliminating the unwanted detailings, scrapping cliche items, and adding what soothes the soul.

      Modern theme is a must-try for those who want to break the stereotype and call for minimal yet powerful decor.

      Characteristics of Modern decor:


      1. Items follow a light pattern and soothing colors.

      2. Small and multifunctional furniture.

      3. Small gadgets which make the regular stuff easier like a curtain motor.

      4. Wireless setup of different appliances.

      5. Modern decor always emphasizes on uncluttered and functional living.


      Decorating your home in a theme-specific manner is not only a trend but also a way to express yourself and your personality. Every theme has its own patterns, colors, designs, and aesthetics and you can go for whatever theme you like. We have made it easy for you to make a choice by giving you all the important and minor details about the themes. Please let us know if you want to learn more about these or any other theme.


      Happy home decorating!

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