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5 Indian art that fits perfectly in a modern home. - IKIRU

5 Indian art that fits perfectly in a modern home.

The revolutionary changes in the interior and home decor industry have surely brought some attention to Indian home decor art and crafts. Keeping in mind the cultural heritage of India there are many diverse art forms available to make your home decor more artistically sound and pleasant. 

We are here to discuss 5 art forms that originated from different parts of India years ago and are still very relevant to level up your home decor game. Let’s see what matches perfectly with your home decor.

  • Warli art

One of the oldest art forms of the country warli art is a tribal art that originated from Maharashtra, India. It is not just an art form but a way of life for the warli tribe people living in the outskirts and coastal areas of Maharashtra and Gujarat. The warli artist respects the nature and environment a lot as that is the main source of their livelihood.

How is it created:

The warli art is created with the white pigment made of rice flour and water with gum as a binder. The painting is usually created on village hut walls. The warlis generally draw the everyday life, wedding rituals, hunting scenes into fine intricate geometric patterns. 

Do you know?

A group of Japanese artists has adopted the village Ganjad in the Palghar district in Feb 2016 in an effort to keep the warli art alive.

Warli art form


  • Pottery

Pottery is an age-old form of art that is both decorative and functional. Pottery is basically artifacts made of clay and hardened with heat. It is a timeless living craft of India that you can find in every state of the nation. This art also holds economic importance for the country. Potter villages are still using the old traditional potter’s wheel and kilns to make the utensils and decor items.

How is it created:

Pottery is an art where the artists mold the clay in different shapes and sizes with the help of a potter’s wheel and harden them with the help of heat. You can make vases, kitchen utensils, storages boxes, water storage containers called matki and surahi.

Do you know?

Every state has different types of specialization in clay and pottery, here is the list.

  1. Blue Pottery, Jaipur Rajasthan.

  2. Khavda Pottery, Gujrat.

  3. Khurja Pottery, Uttar Pradesh.

  4. Longpi Pottery, Manipur.

  5. Black Pottery and Terracotta, Madhya Pradesh.

  6. Andretta Pottery, Himachal Pradesh.

  • The technology has entered this art form and now the potters have easy access to electric and solar potter’s wheels.



Pottery art


  • Dhokra art

Dhokra art is a historic method of making metal artifacts with the lost-wax casting technique. This art is created by the traditional metalsmiths called the dhokra daman tribe. This art has started from the tribal areas of West Bengal and with the tribe, the art kept moving to other states like Orissa, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, and Kerala. 

How is it created:

The different artifacts of metal are designed and manufactured with the help of Bronze and Copper-based alloy with a technique called low cast waxing. The artists heat the metal at a very high temperature to melt and theme pour it into pre-casted molds to take the shape.

Do you know? 

Starting as a piece of home decor Dhokra art is now available in the form of Jewelry as well.


Dhokra art form


  • Block print

Block printing is a textile printing process, it is a slow process where a block made of wooden is used to print various designs and patterns on a piece of cloth. The art of block printing is originated in China, but now Rajasthan is the hub for block printing. The majority of block carvers, dyers, and printers belong to the Chhipa community of Rajasthan.

How is it created:

There are 5 steps of doing the hand block printing:

  1. Block carving is done by experienced craftsmen with the help of small tools like hammers, chisels, and drills to create the patterns on the woodblock.

  2. Dye is applied to the wooden block with the help of “ Sieve”.

  3. Preparing the fabrics with proper wash and dye and then pinned to the table.

  4. Craftsman dip the block in the dye and start printing it on the fabric.

Do you know?

Block printing is always done from left to right, it is a special technique that is required to follow to get the expected results.


block printing


  • Madhubani art

 Madhubani painting is a famous art form that is practiced in Bihar and nearby areas. It is an ancient art form that is also briefly mentioned in Ramayana as well. These paintings are usually inspired by festivals and religious rituals. The colors are derived from plants and other natural resources, which are generally bright and pigmented. 

How is it created:

This is a painting created with natural pigments and colors. The most amazing part about this is that instead of paintbrushes objects like twigs and matchsticks and sometimes even fingers are used to create the design.


Madhubani art


Here are 5 famous Indian are that can give your home a nice contemporary look without even making it look any boring or traditional. 

Please let us know what other art form you would like to learn about in the comment section below. We are ready to write part-2 :)


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