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7 Natural elements that you must add to your home decor. - IKIRU

7 Natural elements that you must add to your home decor.

Sustainable is the new sexy. Yes, sustainable materials are an excellent way to lessen your carbon footprints and give your home an elegant and graceful look. Do not restrict yourself to just recycled or upcycled elements; so many sustainable and eco-friendly options are available that surprisingly look well in the home decor.

Today, we list these 6 sustainable materials to add to your home for a refreshing and natural touch. Read to bring nature to your home and significantly impact with minor changes.


  • Bamboo

Bamboo, often called rattan, is a very versatile material. It can fit into any decor theme, be it modern or contemporary. Bamboo is a flexible and robust material perfect for planters, storage baskets, and furniture.

You can easily decorate your indoors and outdoors using this solid yet beautiful material and make a step towards sustainable home decor.

Bamboo is a very fast-growing renewable source that is multipurpose and adds elegance to your home decor. Looking for ways to add Bamboo to your home? Here is a reference to this beautiful Rattan Cane Multi-Purpose Ornate Basket

  • Hyacinth

Hyacinth is a plant that clogged all the waterways of Vietnam, but today it is considered one of the many eco-friendly home decor materials. This very fast-growing plant creates a problem of weeding, so here is the solution to use it to decorate your place.

Woven storage baskets, planters, table mats, and even furniture can make everything with hyacinth. It is a green material with a beautiful neutral, light, and minimalistic aura.

If you are unsure about this significant change, you can add a hyacinth plant to your home; it goes well with the Rustic and Scandinavian theme and looks very beautiful as an indoor planter.

  • Natural stone

Natural stones are very versatile and are pretty must something that you will surely like and add to your home. You can opt for crystal stone as it brings positivity and cancels the negative energy. A wise choice if you are very new to sustainable decor and still figuring out ways to add natural material to your home.

You can add decorative pieces like vases, storage boxes, and potpies. If you consider redoing your kitchen or bath, you should go for natural stones as they come in various shapes and sizes.

  • Clay

Ancient India has mastery in pottery, and the art has been evolving since then. You can mold the clay as you need and make different decorative and functional pieces.

Clay is a non-toxic, organic, and environmentally friendly material that helps you reduce your carbon footprint and gives your home a wholly fresh and beautiful vibe.

There are many ways you can add clay to your home: as an art piece to your living space, pots in the kitchen, bathroom accessories made of clay, clay, and ceramic planters to the outdoors and indoors.

  • Sustainable textile

pillows, bedding, blankets, chair covers, rugs, table runners, sofa covers, cushions, etc. The use of fabric in our homes is endless, and therefore replacing our current textile with a sustainable one would be a significant change.

Not sure about what falls under the sustainable textile category? Here is the list to make it simple for you:

  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Wool
  • Hemp

There are numerous sustainable textile options; choose as per your needs and make a huge step towards sustainable living.

  • Glass

You can add glass to any corner of your home, quite literally. Glass is an endlessly recyclable and sustainable material. It is obvious to add glass to the kitchen, but other than the kitchen, you can add glasswork to different spaces of your home too.

You can add tabletops and countertops made of recycled glass to your home. It does not only add elegance to space, but also it is so good for the planet.


  • Low or zero VOC paint

Replacing the kitchenware and decor ware is not enough; you must also dig a little deeper and find a few more ways to incorporate sustainability into your home. One of such things is low Volatile organic compounds (VOC) or zero VOC paints.

Zero VOC paints are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. You can make this change in your home to make a significant difference.


  • Reclaimed Wood

This is a multipurpose sustainable material; you can literally use it for anything. You can make furniture out of it, build with it, and design decor pieces with it.

If you are planning to give your home an earthy, rustic look, you must provide a try at reclaimed wood. This is a solid recyclable material, which you can use to achieve a nice masculine feel.


These small additions can surely make your home look more elegant and eco-conscious. But just adding materials is not enough. Here is a little extra something to ensure overall sustainability in your home. 

  • Before buying anything new, check if you can repurpose anything. Look for it in your own home or go out to friends and family to see if they have something to offer.

  • Check the practices of the resource you are planning to buy stuff from.

  • Your makeover won’t be sustainable if you throw out many things and do not recycle them properly. Look after the waste you might create during this sustainable shift.

  • Do your research. Make sure the whole process from start to finish is sustainable.

    Adding and replacing a few things in your home can make a positive and significant difference in the environment. Keep up the excellent work, my friend.

    Have a happy sustainable shift.







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