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9 Ideas to make your bathroom look more serene and minimal. - IKIRU

9 Ideas to make your bathroom look more serene and minimal.

Do you want to embrace minimalism in your bathroom but are unsure how to pull it out? Minimalism does not necessarily need you to change all the things in your bathroom; making a few small changes would be helpful to achieve the look.

You can simply achieve a minimalist look by uncluttering the decor or replacing it with more functional items. Here is your guide to a perfectly pleasant, efficient, and minimal bathroom. Hook yourself up for the next few paragraphs to get some amazing ideas for your bathroom.

  • Please clean it up

Before you start anything decorative clean your bathroom, eliminate useless things and unclutter it. The bathroom can be the dumping ground for all your toiletries, beauty products, and styling tools.

So before you start with the minimal decor, CLEAN YOUR BATHROOM! Use decor pieces that are space-saving and functional. Keep only what you need regularly and organize it properly.

Keep the bathroom clean

  • Careful with colours

A neutral colour palette is one of the most important components of the Minimalist design approach. Warm nudes, shades of white and brown, grey, beige, and blush are a few colours that can match minimalism.

These colours make the room look brighter and spacious. You can easily create a calming spa-like space in your bathroom with a simple change of colours.

Colorful bathroom

  • Simple Lights

You have to keep the lighting simple for that desired minimal look. As bathrooms are generally filled with light colours and big mirrors, adding a statement pendant light or some scones would be perfect for achieving the look.

Filling a bathroom with too many bright lights can ruin the goal of minimalism. Try to keep it as brilliant as needed and spare from adding too many lights in every corner of the bathroom.

simple bathroom lights

  • Get creative with bathroom tiles.

Your bathroom does not have to be plain and white to look minimal; you can opt for bare walls with patterned tiles in a monochromatic colour palette. You can also opt for patterned bathroom tiles on the walls along with plain floor tiles.

You can also try giving your bathroom a minimalistic and sophisticated look by a simple backsplash in your shower or behind your sink.

creative bathroom tiles

  • Swap the old one out

Swap the old hardware and nonfunctional things out of your bathroom. Update the old shower heads, knobs, handles, and faucets with hardware in warmer and syncing colours like Bronze, gold, brown, and copper.

You can add minimalism by simply eliminating the hardware from the bathroom. It will give your bathroom a more classy and elegant look also help you create sleek lines.

  • Open Showers

Yes, you read it right. Remove shower curtains, bathtub, and other shower enclosures to ensure a minimal and spacious bathroom look. Suppose you do not like our idea because you feel really cold after showering.

In that case, you can opt for a glass panel with absolutely no accessories in the shower area, which can help you maintain the heat without harming the minimal design.

Open bathroom showers

  • Bring nature inside

Bringing natural elements like bamboo, wood, or planters can easily make your space look instantly calming and fresh without giving up on the minimalist approach.

A simple bamboo bathmat or a small succulent or wooden flooring can be opted to add a touch of elegance to your bathroom without tempering with the serene look.

bring nature inside the bathroom

Yes, keep the walls simple. We understand your urge to add colours and personality to your walls, but you must create a balance if you want to achieve a minimalist look.

Rather than coving your walls with eclectic wallpapers and big frames, go for one focal printed wall with one big frame or multiple small frames on other walls to manage the look.

Minimal wall decor

  • Functional Countertop

Keep the countertop decor simple and functional. Cluttering your countertop with a lot of stuff will only make it look crowded and unmanageable. Instead of adding multiple picture frames, toiletry holders, and trinkets, go for a decorative soap dispenser, a small potted plant, and a wooden or marble tray.

Functional counter top

These simple changes will give your bathroom the desired minimal look and make it look more classy and elegant.

Heyy, did you already make a few changes that worked out for you? Well, do let us know. We are always open to adding some good ideas to this list.

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