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8 way to make your kitchen feel fresh and fabulous. - IKIRU

8 way to make your kitchen feel fresh and fabulous.

The kitchen is the second most visited place in the house. It leaves a statement about you and hence keeping it organized is important. We believe that you’re good at keeping it neat but, does it look fresh to you? Now is the time to freshen up the look and make your kitchen a style statement for yourself too.

Make a few changes here and there can make your kitchen look more fresh and amazing here is the list of some small changes that can easily help you revamp your kitchen and create a refreshing vibe.

  • Redesign

Okay, so this might sound like whole lotta work and worth breaking bank but, not today. Giving a new look doesn’t always mean shopping, only rearranging a few things here n there might work for you.

Check what changes you can make in your kitchen for redesigning it:

  1. Rearrange the shelves.

  2. Removes old racks.

  3. Reuse the old glass jars

  4. Add some planter or decor objects.

  5. Make your old furniture new with simple paint.

  6. Add small functional furniture and storage.

  • Play with the lights

The most instant and impactful way of changing your kitchen’s look is to change the lights. Large pendant lights and chandeliers can instantly give your space a wow and elegant look and make it look grand and luxurious.

A small lamp on the countertop can be a simple and functional option. Create a stylish vintage look with some mini lamps on the corners. Light is the only thing we always suggest you to spend money on.

  • Change the Cooktop, Cookware & Serveware

Believe it or not, changing the cooktop and cookware will definitely add a new freshness to your style. New utensils nurture new ideas both about cooking new recipes and also replenish the old cooking style. New serve wares freshen up your presentation. The overall effect of this step is enough to be noticed in the first hour.

You can add a matte finish or reflective cooktop, that goes with your kitchen platform. Color-coordinated cookware can add some nice pop to your kitchen and there are numerous options to choose from for the serve ware.

If you are not sure what serveware will best compliment your kitchen you can check out what Ikiru has to offer.

  • Color your space

If the above two steps aren’t enough in your imagination, well you should take the bold step and paint the kitchen in new colors. Blend the contrast colors, mix n match patterns in such a way that they start making a terrific sense to your style.

Decide how you want your kitchen’s vibe to be, fresh and natural, or bold and modern, and choose the colors accordingly. You can paint it in warm and nude shades for a subtle look, or you can add a dramatic touch to your kitchen with some bright colors. Play with some patterns, create contrast, and refresh your mind along with the kitchen.

  • Woodwork goes great

Adding a wooden platform or just a plank for all the chopping purposes adds an aesthetic feel. If you feel woodwork is a little too heavy on your pocket, opt for wooden laminates. Racks and shelves with wooden laminates look uber classy and apparently turn surface scratch proof.

You can also add a few wooden utensils and serveware to enhance your kitchen’s aesthetics. Wooden cutlery and cutlery holder, roti box, chopping boards can add to the needed changes.

  • Smell that matters

Sometimes when we think about renovation or restyling, we forget about the minute details. Most of us are coffee lovers these days, if not exactly a coffee lover, at least we all agree that coffee smells fresh. Try new fresheners with coffee or, go for lavender or anything that soothes your soul.

Your kitchen has a different aroma coming out every now and then with the delicious food you cook in there but sometimes when you make something that leaves a strong smell behind that may make a bad impression on your guest. Ensure the freshness of your kitchen with aroma diffusers and some fragrance solutions.

  • Vases on the bases

Not much but a few small vases with home-inside plants won’t take much of your kitchen space. In lieu of that space, these small beauties will change the way you look at your kitchen. Try the vases on the dining table too, we’re sure your guests will love this new setup.

  • Add some art

No, we are not expecting you to spend tons of money on art pieces and add them to your cooking kingdom. Instead of doing this, we would like you to just simply be a little more creative and thoughtful in your space.

Here are some ideas you can use in your kitchen.

  • Go for eat and drink theme and add some art pieces with fruit prints.

  • You can frame menus from your favorite bar or cafe and add them to your kitchen.

  • Go for vintage-inspired fruit and veggie prints.

  • Opt for some small art pieces that can be added to the corners of your platform or on your fridge or in your racks.

We want your kitchen to look best and want you to cook in the space that is a treat for eyes. therefore we suggest you to make try out these suggestions and let us know how these worked out for you.

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