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9 Extravagant Living Room Decor Ideas: keep reading - IKIRU

9 Extravagant Living Room Decor Ideas: keep reading

Living rooms are said to impart enough glimpse of the members living in the house. And we at Ikiru take this saying very seriously, and hence, we are here today to share our top-notch living room decor ideas.

We believe in a minimal approach with a maximum result policy. Also, our consistent effort is to suggest decor ideas that lead to a minimum or no scrapping of your older items. So, go ahead and explore our finely crafted living room decor ideas.

  • Dare to go Bare

Well, this might not be suitable for every house but not stapling this massive impression maker idea here isn't worth forgiving in the books of history. Go for glass walls. Yes, this is a bold move to make and indeed a great addition.

A must-have if you have a scenery view outside or your apartment is a few floors above the ground. This setup turns your living room into an aesthetic socializing place, which nobody will consider leaving early.

  • Lights that lighten up the mood

Who doesn't like lights? Change the light series and patterns, change it unconventionally. You can consider having a false ceiling, or the market is flooded with plain wall fix decorative lights for living room nowadays.
Go for the lighter and brighter lights if the tone of your living room is on the cool side. Warmer shades go perfect for rooms set up in a darker tone.

  • Wall Shelves are Forever

Don't trust those who say that an exquisite look comes against the cost of comfort and accessibility. Because we have really great decorative wall shelves for living room ideas, worth blowing this myth far away.
The wall shelves must be chosen while keeping the living room's overall look in mind. However, we have observed that wooden shelves go great with almost every room setup.

  • Nature Knows the Best

Nothing goes better than bringing nature into your living room. Numerous insider plants hold the immense capabilities to change the look and turn the feel of the living room.
Obviously, the plants should be kept in planters only. Clay pots are outdated, and ceramics fail to gel with most plants' communities. We have sorted this Stallion Planter entirely to impart the right idea.

  • Add a Pinch of Luxury

What comes first in your mind when we say luxury in a living room decor debate? If your answer is a chandelier, we are on the same page. Chandelier does give the royal touch so effortlessly that you actually hang it anywhere and make the spot go royal.
Putting the chandelier on the middle of the roof is always a great idea but, today, we would love to ask you to try the corners with at least two or more chandeliers. The smaller ones feature the best in such a setup.

  • Add Texture and Increase the Ease

Adding a texture doesn't always mean a complete makeover of the room. Pick your current setup, find the right tone and add a few comfortable rugs or some comfortable seater with the same color or warmth.
Twist it with contrast on the corner spots. This idea might not qualify as fancy while reading, but if you are going to try this, we are sure that the corners will tell a whole different story all of a sudden.

  • Go Single, Go Bold

Again, an idea that might not sound interesting is awe-inspiring until you start loving it. We have all seen those massive mansions and decorated apartments. The elegant ones always pick a single tone for the living room. That's where the class lies.
It's totally up to you if you wanna keep it white or off-white or any color you like. Just make sure that everything worth noticing carries a similar tone from a distance. Your guests will absolutely love this new living room decor.

  • The High-Class Society Setup

Okay, we all socialize mainly in the living room. How about having a bar there? Even if you aren't much into alcohol, you can always keep a stock of mocktails and juice.
The idea is to create a space that helps you change the living room and impart a new space for better socializing. You can be the recent talk of the town. Not everyone shares the glory of having a bar in the living room, right?

  • Small Space Stuffing is a Big No-No

We have observed that people having small spaced living rooms often stuff them with decorative items and other things. The idea here is to keep it minimal and save the floor space. This gives the room an airy look and makes it look bigger.
We have created a list of Do & Dont's for such small spaced living rooms:

  • Don't: Overstuffing with small decorative articles.

  • Don't: Picking a big-sized sofa with an edge-to-edge touching line-up.

  • Do: Choose small yet impact furniture with multi-utility options.

  • Do: Giving the room a look with the lighter shade, making it look bigger and airy.

Our experts precisely pick all the ideas shared here while keeping easy execution in mind. We at Ikiru leave no stone unturned to make your decor journey a successful one. Hope you liked our post. We would love to hear from you in the comment section. Keep decorating, keep dazzling.

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