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6 Stylish Ways To Incorporate Plants In Home Decor - IKIRU

6 Stylish Ways To Incorporate Plants In Home Decor

Bring nature inside your space because why not? Plants make your home a happy place and there are no such things like too many plants, you just need to organize them in a way that does not make your home look crowded with plants.

There's no shortage of ways to incorporate plants into your design, whether it's a large leafy tree in the living room or a collection of low-light plants and cactus in your home office. However, deciding what plants to bring in and how to arrange them to fit your taste and space can be difficult, especially if you're new to gardening.

Here are our top 6 picks to incorporate plants into your home decor. Have a peek and pick your style.

  • Tablespace for garland greenery

Why always stick to pots and vases when it comes to tables? Get creative and go for some green garland and floral arrangements in the center of your table. Choose if you want real flowers, dried flowers, or fake flowers.

Then, for a complete and textured aesthetic, incorporate candles, votives, and vases, weaving your flowers and foliage through these accents. Make sure your centerpiece is long enough to span the entire table.

Benefits: this is best for all dining spaces big or small, and can be a perfect arrangement for occasions and holidays.

  • Curated Cluster of plants

Are you having trouble deciding how to arrange your indoor plants for a polished and purposeful look? In one part of the room, group plants in cool planters together. This works well with taller indoor plants, but you can also support up smaller plants using variable height plant stands.

This is certainly our favorite way to decorate with indoor plants because you can't go wrong with it. To create a lush jungle atmosphere, mix various plants, such as palm trees and cacti. To give your plant cluster an orderly look, use complementary plant holders in a variety of materials and hues.

  • Shelf Foliage

Any bookshelf may be transformed into an eye-catching display and storage space. To make your storage look like a curated collection of interesting findings and plants, mix a variety of indoor plants with books, knick - knacks, artifacts, and little sculptures.

There are no hard and fast rules for how to organize indoor plants on a bookshelf, but a decent thumb rule is to include a choice of leafy greens, tall cactus, and miniature trees and flowers. They'll add a splash of colour to all of your books and things.

  • Make a room with a view

Framing a wide window with vibrant house plants and foliage will help play up the view inside and out, whether it's in your living room or bedroom.

Place hanging and floor plants in front of your window, and load them with eye-catching pots. A woven basket planter is ideal for a tall, leafy tree, while brass hanging planters are fantastic for adding a touch of glitz. Consider this a high-low blend that will help you ground and refocus your attention on your window scene.

  • Create your own mini jungle

Any greenery or plant at your foyer will instantly make it feel more welcoming. Plants will not only add color to the room, but their natural aroma will also aid to purify it.

Low-light indoor plants are ideal for this high-traffic location because it receives little sunlight. Look for tall and lean plants, such as snake grass or a fiddle-leaf tree, that may easily fit into tight corners and smaller, more narrow entryways.

  • The plant desk

Create a beautiful home office setup with plant decor. The plants are said to create a positive energy and increase productivity. Add some greenery to your workspace and see the magic for yourself.

You can choose how you want your workstation to look. Add a few small plants on the desk or a big plant with long leaves on the side of the desk to give it a grand and elegant look.

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