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Amp up your home decor with these 6 Moroccan home decor Ideas - IKIRU

Amp up your home decor with these 6 Moroccan home decor Ideas

Moroccan interior design theme is one of the most celebrated and loved decor themes across the globe, if you are also wondering to add the Moorish chic to your place, great you are at the right place.

This South-African country is well known for it’s cultural royalty and decor pieces. Morocco is well known for its lanterns, beautiful geometric pattern, and hand crafted accent but the country’s decor is much more than the colorful and lavish aesthetics.

Looking forward to add a touch of morocco to your home decor but not sure how to start? Here is a simple guide for you to bring the coveted moroccan style home.

  • Invest in Moroccan Rugs and Furniture

Colorful, textured, and twisted designs are some of the most important features of Morrocan interiors. No Moroccan-themed look can be complete without adding an intricately designed, beautiful rug.

Opt for Morrocoan furniture that is made of high quality, hand-carved wood, and wrought iron. You can also go for hand painted authentic furniture. You can add throws and cushions for extra coziness.

  • Switch to warm and neutral fabric

Moroccan decor is very lavish and grand and yet so close to nature. You can opt for warm and more natural tones while choosing the fabric. Go for the lighter shades of colors for bed linen and curtains.

Imagine an burnt orange sofa, with some light brown and off white cushions and a rug to add a pop of color. Sounds good, right? It looks good too. Try it out.

  • Ahh-mazing floor tiles

Beautiful patterns on the floor, solid color combinations and particularly beautiful ground surfaces in entryways are the life of authentic Moroccan home decor. You won’t go wrong with solid blues and whites, blacks, and creams tile colors to flaunt the look.

Moroccan tiles can give your home an instant makeover, it add a touch of luxury and lavishness to your space. Beautiful geometric patterns and pop of colors makes the your place a happy home.

  • Make the room scenty

Have you ever been to Morocco, then you must know how the whole country has took up the fragrances so well. Make sure to play along with the fragrances in your space to get a perfect Moroccan feel.

Create a cozy atmosphere and add a scent diffuser to your space. You can opt for ceramic or marble scent diffuser to keep it aligned with the theme. Incense sticks can also be a good substitute for scent diffuser.

Check out this pretty incense stick holder.

  • Make some room for nature

Amp up the look by bringing the outdoorsy elements indoors, and add new liveliness to the place. Small planters, bolsters, even the fake blossoms would do the work for you. The naturalness of the outdoorsy elements would surely add some beautiful effects to your home.

You can add real plants, vails, flower pots, large plants at the corner of your sofa. You can create a balcony garden with pruned greenery, wicker or wood-woven knick-knacks and creels can add magic to your space.

  • Ohh the Moorish Curves.

Horseshoe curves, which are represented by a large round curve on a straighter, smaller doorway or area, are common in Moroccan constructions. They are also called as Moorish curves or keyhole curves.

Horseshoe curves can be the living room statement element you've been looking for, with their grand overall appearance and statuesque impression.

Moroccan decor holds its cultural beauty high and these particular handmade and lavish designs give the decor a soul. The Moroccan decor is amazingly aesthetic and highly functional which make it the perfect home decor theme for Indian homes.

If you would like to incorporate this theme into your home decor and want to start small you can make a few minimal changes in your home with our latest range of Moroccan decor.

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