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7 ways to create a boho-themed living room - IKIRU

7 ways to create a boho-themed living room

Boho is for the artist who likes to keep it unconventional yet classy. If the artistic soul inside you is asking for a room make-over, you’re at the right place. Bohemian decor is all about a comfortable and cozy vibe. When you design a site boho, it has become very welcoming and fresh.

Combining natural colours, decluttered spaces, and unconventional methods creates a perfect bohemian decor. Let us help you with some unique decor ideas to give your living room a boho-chic vibe.

Here we have curated the best 7 ways which will satisfy the bohemian under your skin.

  • Start with the walls.

Walls fall straight at first when we enter a room, right? Impress yourself and your guests with acoustic yet divergent designs. There are multiple ways to feature your creativity onto your walls and decorate it bohemian.

Fear nothing while experimenting; first, choose the colour you want to paint your walls in; earthy brown or natural shade is preferred for bohemian decor. Once the colour is decided, you can choose one of the many options available for wall decor like:

  • Floral wallpaper
  • Macramé wall decorations
  • Woven basket wall decor
  • Mudcloth wall decor
  • Tapestries
  • Metallic mirrors
  • Carved wood accents
  • Bamboo wall decor
  • Feather decor
  • Crochet dream catchers and eclectic art.

  • RUG it up

Bohemian decor is not about perfection; it is just all about comfort. Rugs are an inseparable part of the bohemian decor. They instantly change the vibe of the room and make it look more cozy and welcoming. You can select a rug of your choice from multiple options of different colours, textures, and patterns.

Just imagine an exotic tropical rug sitting in the middle of your living accompanied by a few indoor plants and a burnt orange sofa with multiple cushions and throw on it. Ohh, You like it? You can have it from here.

  • Plants are important

A creative soul finds utmost peace when around nature. Add as many indoor plants as you want to in your living room and dive into the freshness of nature. Getting closer to your roots always brings out the best in you. Nature indeed adds significantly to relaxing and replenishing the good in you.

You can not call it boho without having your mini jungle in there. Big, heavy planters are sitting in all the corners, holding giant plants and small trees, and some mini pots are sitting calmly on the coffee table with the tiny little plants in it.

  • Hanging swing chair

A boho-chic wants to set the soul free and be comfortable as much as possible. The boho people like to add a touch of their personality to everything they own. And when it comes to their home, how can they sit back?

A hanging swing made of rattan or wood with multiple cushions is necessary for a bohemian living room. This is definitely one of the most exotic bohemian living room decor ideas.

  • Light it right

There is never too much light in the bohemian home. Depending on one source of light is a big NO-NO, it is necessary for a boho-chic vibe to have more than 1 source of light. Bring some chandeliers, candles, artistically designed pendant lights, string lights or let the sun hit your living room a little more.

A bohemian soul is always ready for a grand party hosting, romantic date or a Saturday night book reading session with all the perfect lights.

  • Furniture it the way you like

Are you a recliner person, or do you like to be sitting on the floor with cozy rugs and comfortable cushions and pillows? No worries about a bohemian living room; you can choose anything you want. We suggest you add a burnt orange sofa with a beautiful throw on it and some floor pillow on the side; the couch along with a swing will do wonders for you.

  • Bring nature home and add a touch to your personality.

Boho is all about subtle colours, natural materials and unconventional style. Bring nature inside your home. Add natural materials like rattan, cotton, clay, wood, natural stones, and other forms. Also, don’t forget to let the room shine bright with natural light.

Keeping the room in a lighter shade helps your creativity hit the best. A musician would love to keep it a little messy with records and instruments, while a writer would choose a cleaner attic.

While following all the steps, never compromise at your convenience. Boho is all about being at peace, even if it doesn’t go with society. Be unconventional with confidence, be different and achieve what’s unthinkable for them.

If you are still unsure about how to pull off the boho-chic vibe in your home without compromising your comfort, you can check our mood board for more clarity.

Be Bohemian!

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