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Free Shipping, Rs.200 off on orders above Rs.2400.

The Design Charrette


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Architectural and Interior design

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The Design Charrette based in Indore founded by three friends Ar. Sakshi Jain, Ar. Apurva singh Bhadouria and Ar. Astha Khare as the name suggests is a place where one can find the best of solutions for any design problem since they believe in collaboration. They allows everyone who is part of the project to be a mutual author of the plan. At TDC, they ensure that design should serve as a way of integrating the aptitudes and interests of the client with functionality, innovative ideas and sustainability. They give credence to focused and sustained effort. They thrive for the satisfaction of their clients. Equipped with an understanding of the construction industry, site works and intricate design detailing that’s required for a satisfactory final product, this experienced set of Architects, Project Managers and Conservationist founded ‘The Design Charrette or TDC on 3rd June 2017. The varied set of skills helps us in understanding the complete process of design and construction closely and therefore helps in the betterment of the process.