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Bedside Table

  • Morila Wood Sideboard Cabinet

    Original price Rs. 16,000.00
    Original price Rs. 16,000.00 - Original price Rs. 16,000.00
    Original price Rs. 16,000.00
    Current price Rs. 13,300.00
    Rs. 13,300.00 - Rs. 13,300.00
    Current price Rs. 13,300.00

    Morila's wood sideboard is constructed of solid mango wood and has four drawers and one open shelf. this side table with storage is built of solid ...

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    Original price Rs. 16,000.00
    Original price Rs. 16,000.00 - Original price Rs. 16,000.00
    Original price Rs. 16,000.00
    Current price Rs. 13,300.00
    Rs. 13,300.00 - Rs. 13,300.00
    Current price Rs. 13,300.00
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Check out our amazing wooden bedside tables

When it comes to keeping everything you need within reach when curled up in bed, bedside tables are your best friend. A bedside table supports a variety of items to make your time in bed truly comfortable while also functionally serving as an additional bedroom storage unit. These items may include your favourite magazine, a glass of water, fragrant candles, glasses, medications, or remote controls.

A bedside table can be ordered online with only one click thanks to Ikiru. There are many different bedside tables to pick from, each with a different height, amount of storage, and design. You're sure to locate the one that properly matches the design and decorating requirements of your bedroom online. Everything is here, from edgy minimalism to rustic etched design.

Learn How To Choose The Right Bedside Tables Or Nightstands For Your Bedroom:

Once your double bed and almirah are in place, you may choose the table's proportions, design, colour, finish, and other details. Making the appropriate choice will enable you to create the atmosphere you desire in your bedroom. You may make a decision that both meets your demands and accurately expresses your sense of style by using the following criteria.

Bedside table size: 

Would you opt for one modern bedside table or two? What could be the dimensions for the same? Depending on the layout of the room, two tables can create a beautiful symmetry. For a mid-sized room, you can pick two pieces of a slim bedside table. Large rooms can accommodate two large bedside tables; these will fit with the proportions of the rest of the room. The bedside table height should be such that you can easily reach the objects kept on the table. For example, a low-slung bed might warrant a short table. Conversely, if the height of the double bed mattress is quite a bit, tall bedside tables are required. Apart from ease of access, these offer excellent storage space while saving precious floor area.

Styles of bedside tables:

Space is often not a luxury in many homes. A little bedside table will do in a limited space. Our modern bedside tables are made to make the most of the spaces intended for closed storage and open storage. A tiny bedside table can have a fashionable, sleek appearance and still be functional enough. Some bedrooms could only need a basic bedside table because the room's centre point might be elsewhere. Upholstery gives a place a gentler feel and gives it additional dimension.

Colour and finish: 

Color and finish are two of the most crucial factors when deciding how to finish your model. Our tables come in a variety of colours, ranging from white to black, grey, brown, and dark brown. Some of our most popular finishes include white, teak, and walnut. White gives off an airy, modern, minimalist vibe and helps a space feel bigger and brighter. Rich hues like walnut and brown imply power and, perhaps, a certain old-world elegance. Keep in mind that as long as the colours are from the same family, the table's shade does not have to exactly match the other colours in the space.

We offer much more than just comfortable bed linens.

Ikiru is a one-stop shop for an excellent buying experience due to the simplicity of ordering, the availability of different payment methods, the user-friendly design, and search customisation. Numerous décor options are available for you to browse. You can find items for every taste here, whether your home is designed in a modern or traditional Indian style.

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You can consult with Ikiru interior stylists for your interior design needs. They will help with every step of the way, from planning to implementing your plan.


What is the standard height of a bedside table?
The standard height of a bedside table is between 24 and 28 inches.

Which one is the best bedside table?
We have many of the best designs such as; the Toshi bedside table, art deco Bedside table, bunka bedside table, and many more.

How many drawers do you provide in the Bedside tables?
It is not fixed, we have many options such as a single drawer, double drawer, one drawer one locker, sliding drawer, zig zack drawer, open drawer, and many more, explore the bedside table at the Ikiru for more designs.

Which wood is best for a bedside table?
Since Sheesham wood is one of the best solid woods, we favor it over other types of wood and further test and adapt it to create the greatest wooden furniture for you with finishes like honey and walnut to entice you.