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Beam Boxx


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Illuminating Your Space with Desk and Wall Decor Lights

At Ikiru, we introducing Beam Boxx, where we have special lights for your desk and walls that make your space look really nice. Imagine a world where lighting is not just about making things visible but also about creating a magical atmosphere in your home. That's exactly what Beam Boxx is all about, and we're excited to introduce it to you here at Ikiru.

Beam Boxx is not your ordinary lighting brand. We believe that the right lighting can transform your living spaces, adding creativity, charm, and a touch of wonder. Our collection is carefully chosen to make your home feel more special and inviting. Whether you want to make your workspace more enchanting or turn your walls into captivating works of art, Beam Boxx has the perfect lighting solutions to make your home feel extraordinary.

  1. Desk Decor Lights: Our desk lights are designed to make your workspace magical. They come in different styles, from modern to fancy, and they don't just light up your desk; they also make it feel cozy and warm. Whether you're working late or just relaxing at your desk, our lights create a special feeling.

  2. Wall Decor Lights: Imagine your walls becoming art with our wall lights. These lights are more than just for seeing; they're like pieces of art themselves. Some of them make cool patterns, while others tell a story with their designs. These lights make your home look amazing and light it up.

At Ikiru, we know how important lighting is in making your space feel just right. Our desk and wall lights are made to not only light up your room but also make it look beautiful, whether it's your office, living room, or bedroom.

Desk Decor Lights:

  • Desk Lamps
  • Task Lights (for work)
  • Pretty Table Lights
  • Lights for a Cozy Feeling
  • Modern Desk Decor

Wall Decor Lights:

  • Artistic Wall Lights
  • Sculpture-Like Wall Lights
  • Beautiful Wall Lamps
  • Creative Wall Art Lights
  • Unique Wall Decor

Explore Beam Boxx's lights, available only at Ikiru. Check out our collection to find the perfect lights for making your space special. Light up your world with Beam Boxx, where art meets lighting.