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6 types of wood in India that used in furniture making! - IKIRU

6 types of wood in India that used in furniture making!

In this plastic world, furniture is among the fewest things left which still satisfies our souls when crafted with wood. The best part here is that we Indians are blessed with natural top quality wood which is perfect for home furnishing. But which one could be used for what purpose more accurately?

Confused? Don’t worry, we are here to break things down for you.


Teakwood, also known as "Saagwan" here in India, is the most commonly used wood for furniture purposes. Despite being  a little on the expensive side, teakwood never left its top position in furniture industry, thanks to its natural properties & durability. It is used in the manufacture of outdoor furniture and boats. It is also used in indoor finishings, indoor flooring and for making countertops.


  1. It shrinks less.
  2. Resistant to rot & decay.
  3. Water hardly affects the furniture.

Where to find: 

Central and southern India

Acacia wood:

Commonly known as "babool", this wood is so strong, sturdy and finished already, it leaves no chance for you to think twice. The furniture made with this wood are always class apart, which goes for generations. The reason for this wood being on the expensive side is quite simple, acacia grows slowly than most of the wood plants.


  1. Water resistant, which ensures it goes for long.
  2. Highly resistant to fungus & it’s antibacterial.
  3. Furniture looks effortlessly brilliant.

Where to find:

 Maharashtra, Gujrat, Harayana, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan & Karnataka.


Mahogany wood is one of the most expensive wood and it shines brighter than gold. This elegant piece of art straight from nature makes you bend towards royalty and class a bit more than before. And the best part, you might find your expensive decorative items made with the same wood.


  1. Highly durable even underwater as well.
  2. The deep colour this wood takes up after polishing is something next level.
  3. The finesse is par excellence, while keeping the glossy finish hand to hand.

Where to find: 

Bangal, Assam & Kerala.

Sheesham wood

This particular wood is made by mother nature to justify the work of art. Sheesham wood is flexible, hence it relaxes the artist to carve out the best design. Also, this wood is very durable, making it a good choice for bed, cabinet & sofa. It maintains its shape and is available in large sizes which can be used to make ornamental carvings and to create cabinets.


  1. Furniture made out of this wood needs very low maintenance.
  2. Very pocket friendly and ready for any carving.
  3. Available in many shades and colour variations.

Where to find:

Punjab, haryana, bihar, rajasthan & UP


Cherry wood is widely used for furnitures and even in complex jobs like flooring. The straight grain of this wood allows the worker to perform tricky operations with ease. Once you choose cherry wood for your furniture, there’s no turning back, it’s decay resistance will make you it’s fan with every turning year.


  1. Despite being a hardwood, it’s carving ready.
  2. The smooth texture is just marvellous.
  3. It’s close grain & great tonedwood, making it a perfect choice for musical instruments.

Where to find:

Himachal Pradesh, New York, Ohio & Pennsylvania

Pine wood:

This blonde coloured wood serves many purposes other than just furniture. It’s soft properties makes it suitable for nailing, stretching the range of usability. It goes great for flooring and fencing as well, however, it’s advised to treat the wood with proper ACQ before installing outside.


  1. Very cost effective while ranging in usability and durability scale.
  2. Easy to work with, as it’s a softwood.
  3. This wood is used for sound insulations too.

Where to find:

Uttar Pradesh & Punjab

These are the various types of wood used to make furniture in India. Similar to the woods that are already in the market, there are also numerous synthetic alternatives that may be used to build furniture today, but Indian households still like solid wood furniture due to its robustness and ability to be repaired. Wood is desired and some types, like teak, are popular options since Indians prefer furniture and decorative items with intricate carvings.

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