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Hammered Pure Copper Water Bottle

by Arija
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Our Hammered Copper Bottle is handcrafted for daily use. However, drinking copper water early in the morning is taken as one of the healthiest ways of drinking water when compared to plastic water bottles. In ancient times, people use to consume copper water by storing it overnight for 8-10 hours. Storing water in a copper vessel is known as “Tamara Jal”. Copper kills the harmful bacteria present in the water. Copper has many health benefits. For instance, it boosts your immunity.
Therefore, it is one of the best alternatives to switch from plastic bottles. Plastic bottles contain heavy chemicals including BPA which has an adverse effect on your health.

Material: Pure Copper
Bottle Capacity: 950 ml, Holds 950 ml of Water

1. Leak-Proof Bottle
2. Easy to Clean & Maintain, Use a Mix of Salt and Lemon Juice to Gently Scrub the Surface of the Vessel With a Soft Cotton Cloth. Rinse it off With Regular Water.
3. Health Benefits - Drinking water stored in a pure copper vessel has many significant health benefits. Like it lowers the blood sugar level, helps digestion, and helps maintain a healthy and fit heart.

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