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Bronze Katori (Set of 3)

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The bronze katori set is ideal for serving curds, pickles, and other Indian side dishes. In an Indian household, katori's are used on a daily basis and it usually completes the table spread for a feast.

Why Bronze?

Copper reacts with sour food, salt and lemon which can be harmful for the body. Therefore, they are not recommended to eat from or cook using. Whereas, kansa or bronze does not react with sour acidic food. Hence, it is the best metal to eat from and cook in.

Benefits of bronze:

According to the descriptions given in Ayurveda Prakasha, bronze cookware is known for its therapeutic benefits.
1. The root of every healthy person is a good digestive system and bronze alloy alkalizes and purifies the food, and promotes improved digestive health.
2. Due to its extraordinary health properties, even Ayurvedic physicians recommend bronze for holistic healing, stress relieving and its purifying properties. Bronze has an ability to destroy microorganisms making the metal extremely hygienic for use.
3. Using it regularly helps in improving immunity and preventing illness.

Size:  Katori (big) - 4 inches, Katori (medium) - 3.3 inches, Katori (small) - 3 inches 
Material: Bronze (Kansa)
Care: Bronze tableware are hand crafted and need to be handled with care. Bronze vessels are safe to eat off and serve from. Not advisable for storing food. Direct contact of acidic and citrus foods can stain the metal.

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